The Wallawwa has a rich and engaging history. In Sinhala the term ‘Walauwa’ or ‘Wallawwa’ is used to express both the Sinhala concept of aristocracy and the physical location of the primary seat of a particular Sinhala family who enjoy high connections to the local kings or colonial masters. Dating back to the 18th century, The Wallawwa is by far the most ancient pile of its kind in the entire province. The property was originally enjoyed by Nicholas Dias-Abeyesinghe, ‘Maha Mudaliyar’ (Head Chieftain), of Galle. In more recent times the property was occupied by the Royal Air Force, during the period 1939-1945, whilst Lord Mountbatten was Commander-in-Chief of the South-East Asian command – headquarters of which were in Ceylon. It is this history and the Wallawwa’s tranquil landscaped surroundings that transport anyone arriving through its gates back in time, far away from the speed and stress of the outside world.