On a balmy mid June afternoon the Teardrop team were enjoying a site lunch during the renovation of the Wallawwa, Teardrop’s 17 bedroom conversion of the once RAF headquarters near Katunayake airport, when the construction teams onsite chef, who had been feeding over 50 laborers for 12 months, brought out a gorgeous looking vegetarian curry. On enquiring how he got the recipe, the chef answered that he had discovered a Cadju Nut farm just across the road from the hotel site and that the construction team has been enjoying a blend of locally sourced Cadju/Cashew nuts with local vegetables for many months and it had become quite a hit. “It was simply delicious”, claims Michael Davies, founder of Teardrop Hotels, “and the fact that all the ingredients came from within 100 meters of the kitchen made it even better”.

From then on, the Cashew Nut and Green Pea Curry has been a favorite on the menu at the Wallawwa, an award winning boutique hotel just 20 minutes from Colombo’s international airport. The Wallawwa’s kitchen also has access to its own 4 acre organic fruit and vegetable garden growing up to 50% of all the fruit and vegetables it serves its guests.

Where: The Wallawwa, near Katunayake, suites from $130 USD ++